This site will help you learn about the kinds of therapy I provide and my approach for finding how to be truly helpful for you.
People come to therapy to increase their understanding of themselves, reduce their distress, and improve their lives. Together we build a collaboration of trust and gentle examination of your experiences to make sense of painful emotions and problematic relationship patterns. People tell their story - and share their deepest concerns and longings - at their own pace and in their own way. I follow and guide the sessions toward deeper understanding and greater choice. When people work seriously in therapy they can make fundamental change, increase their self compassion, decrease depression, stress and anxiety. They can create healthier relationships, and inhabit their lives in a more full, connected way. 

I integrate Buddhist-based contemplative and mindfulness practices with traditional clinical therapies to work with Individuals and Couples. I also consult with and supervise professionals and students integrating mindfulness practices into their work.  

Slowing down and turning inward toward present experience is fundamental to the latest neurobiological understandings of the brain and the effects of attention and intention on change.